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Midwest Coatings, Inc. (MCI) is the most experienced & knowledgable source for the application of dry film lubricant, corrosion resistant & protective coatings, adhesives, and/or wax resin solutions.  We specialize in dry film coating processes that help reduce coefficient of friction (COF), provide numerous NSS hours of corrosion resistance, release and/or slip, anti-galling/anti-seizing characteristics, improve abrasion & wear resistance, reduce squeaking and/or noise concerns, provide thermal adhesive properties, all of which solve numerous engineering challenges. 

We are centrally located and serve the greater Midwest region of the USA, and located southwest of Chicago, Illinois.  Midwest Coatings adheres to industry specifications with approved coatings from the major dry film lubricant coating manufacturer's as follows:

Acheson Emralon® GP-1904; Emralon® 333; etc.

Dow Corning MolyKote® Anti-Friction Coatings (i.e. MolyKote® D-106; MolyKote® D-321 R; MolyKote® D-708; MolyKote® D-96; MolyKote® 3400A; MolyKote® D-3484; MolyKote® D-7405; MolyKote® D-7409, and many more)

DuPont Teflon® or industrial Teflon® coatings and/or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) equivalent coatings

Emralon® GP-1904, Emralon® 333; etc.

Everlube® & Electrofilm® Coatings

Fel-Pro® C-301G (specified on Cummins Engine prints)

Gleitmo® 920 (specified on Cummins Engine prints)

Henkle/Loctite® coatings, adhesives & sealants

KalGard® FA

Loctite® coatings & adhesives

Lord Chemlok® adhesives (i.e. Chemlok® 205; Chemlok® 213; and many others)

Lube-Lok® 4856 & Lube-Lok® 1000

MolyKote® Dry Film Lubricant & Anti-Friction Coatings (i.e. MolyKote® D-106; MolyKote® D-321 R; MolyKote® D-708; MolyKote® 3400A; MolyKote® D-3484; MolyKote® D-7405; MolyKote® D-7409, etc.)

Sandstrom® 9A; 099; LC-300; 28A; HI-T-650 & #329

Xylan® (all products)

Zintek® zinc-flake and aluminum-rich base coats High Corrosion Resistance (HCR) Coatings (exceeds 1000 NSS hrs. with 6-10Ám;  approved to agricultural, automotive, construction, industrial & military specifications; out-performs Magni® and Doerken® zinc-flake only base coats) add Zintek®, Techseal®, and/or TechDip® top coats (exceeds 1500 NSS hrs.; inorganic and organic top coats in many colors available)

Zintek® 300 zinc-flake and aluminum-rich BLACK base coat duplexed with Techseal® Black High Corrosion Resistance (HCR) Coatings top coat (avoids issues of 'silver spots' after handling; exceeds 1500 NSS hrs.)

and many more. (Don't see what you're looking for? Call 1-855-878-9636 for availability)

MCI has 25+ years coating industry knowledge & experience of cross-linked, thermal & air-cured dry film coating processes that adhere to strict industry specifications which serves industries such as automotive, agricultural, construction, military, industrial, food & bakery production, appliances, and countless more. 

Whether you bring MCI into solve a corrosion, friction, release, wear, dielectric, EMI/RFI, anti-seize, torque/tension, clamp load, or lubrication problem during design, or a problem that develops during production, assembly or in the field, we will help you find the best, most cost effective solution.  We want to be an extension of your engineering team and provide the latest technical information and processes available.

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